Edinburgh and Scotland 2021

Ultimate Golf Service has been in business since 2003 as a friendly guide to booking and staying in Scotland where most of our clients arrive and stay initially in beautiful, historic Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

Whether you wish to come for golf, or not, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Scotland is especially attractive at the moment and for the foreseeable future as we have almost eradicated Covid-19,the current coronavirus.

We are finding many of our clients are keen to get travelling again and they are finding NOW is a great time to book early for 2021 to find the best deals on hotels and travel to and around Scotland.


If you watch the Expedia video in this post you will want to come to this amazing city too. What you need is a locally based Scot, such as Chris from Ultimate Golf Service, who has worked in making visitors feel welcome at the best available rates for over 15 years.

So please drop him an email at chris@ultimategolfservice.com and start a friendly chat about what you imagine when you see yourself coming to Scotland in late 2020 or at any time of the year in 2021